Debra Pearlman: Child Crusade
Capture 1 and 2, 2010, charcoal, litho crayon, pastel, collage and photographic silk-screen on translucent vellum paper, 36" x 180". Photo by James and Karla Murray.

Child Crusade: diseases of the heart, was an installation at Delikatessenhaus, Leipzig. The installation included multiple works arranged in three rooms of the gallery. An arrangement of 34 small gouache drawings hung on gray-painted walls in the first room. A large, collaged frieze of charcoal-covered rope and silk-screened arms on translucent vellum wraps the walls of the second room. The drawing continues off the vellum and directly onto the wall. In the third room a monumental drawing, Iron Work, creates a visual fence. REVIEW
Debra Pearlman